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Passport to Employment - Workshops

Make sure you are ready for the world of work

Our Passport to Employment programme is FREE to our current learners and you can sign up for as many workshops as you like. Choose from our list of workshops and look out for posters in your local centre telling you when workshops are running.

Careers Action Plan

Ideal for: Anyone who is working towards applying for a job and needs guidance on building their skills, qualifications and experience

Content: Create a Career Action Plan


  • Define an Action Plan
  • Identify your own skills
  • List your own qualifications and experience
  • Determine the skills you need to achieve your long term goal
  • Start writing your Career Action Plan

Careers Advice /  Careers Coach

Ideal for: Determining and researching the careers that would suit your particular skills and interests

Content: You will be shown how to use Career Coach so that you can determine the right career path  for you


  • Take a quick 6 question test to give you career suggestions
  • Search for a career title to find out information on wages, employment and training
  • Look at the jobs that are high paying and  growing in Birmingham

Time Management

Ideal for: Anyone who constantly struggles to meet deadlines and manage their time

Content: Identify how you can achieve good  time management


  • State the importance of managing your time
  • Determine what you want to change and what you want to make room for
  • List ten strategies for good time management

Identifying your Skills

Ideal for: Anyone who is actively looking for work and trying to write a CV or complete an application form

Content: Recognise the skills you have which can be used in employment


  • Define what a skill is
  • Determine the skills that are needed to complete certain tasks
  • List your own skills

How to Start and Maintain a CV

Ideal for: Anyone who is actively applying for jobs who would like knowledge on how to start and maintain a CV

Content: To gain knowledge and confidence in completing and updating a personal CV


  • Identify the purpose of a CV
  • State the headings and the format of CV
  • Use Career Coach to start a CV

Personal Statements for CVs

Ideal for: Creating a striking statement to put at the top  of your CV

Content: Determine the words and content that will help you write a statement about yourself


  • Identify positive words to describe your  achievements
  • Compare good and bad personal statements
  • Write a few sentences that can be used within your own personal statement

How to Complete an Application Form

Ideal for: Anyone who is actively applying for jobs

Content: To have the skills and knowledge to complete an application form accurately and confidently


  • Name the different sections of the application form
  • Use the job description and person specification to help complete an application form
  • Recognise transferable skills

Interview Skills

Ideal for: Anyone who is actively applying for jobs who would like to prepare for an interview

Content: Prepare for interview questions and know what to do before and after the interview


  • Prepare for questions asked at an interview
  • Identify examples of good practice when  attending an interview
  • Determine what else you need to do before  attending the interview
  • State the importance of feedback

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Ideal for: Identifying coping strategies for mental health difficulties

Content: Discuss how mental health difficulties can affect our lives


  • Name the most common mental health difficulties
  • Identify ways of coping with a mental health difficulty
  • Participate in a relaxation exercise

Dyslexia Awareness and Self-help Strategies

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to know more about Dyslexia

Content: Outlining the meaning of Dyslexia and how it  affects people


  • Explain what Dyslexia is and how it can  affect people
  • Identify some self-help strategies
  • List some aids to support Dyslexia

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