Photo - Lokman entertains fellow learners and tutors at the end-of-term performance

As much as we love Birmingham, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to give a different perspective. We've got a brilliant variety of things to see and do in the city, and new learners can show us how to engage with what's out there and bring that energy back to our work and studies.

Brasshouse students Mohammed and Lokman breezed into the city in September and threw themselves into the heart of its cultural life.

The adventure really began when Birmingham Opera Company held a workshop for our English language learners in January. While everyone enjoyed the event, Mohammed and Lokman were blown away.

They jumped at the invitation to join the Company in rehearsals for a Birmingham performance of 'Wake', a community opera to be held that month at a Digbeth warehouse with Lokman taking a singing role while Mohammed stretched his acting talents.

Brasshouse staff and teachers went to see the unconventional and exciting performance - the audience moved around the warehouse, along with members of the cast and chorus.

Both of the students are completing their courses in July, and will look back with fond memories on their time with Brasshouse.

" Being part of Wake inspired me. My ambition is to be a physiotherapist and I know that if I work hard anything is possible."

The guys were a revelation in the performance of Wake – who knew that we had such a talented pool of students?! Lokman even made it into the Guardian review of the performance (second photo down on the Guardian page, he's on the right ). 

Mohammed said: " I had a wonderful time in the Opera performance and it came at just the right time for me. I was finding my English studies a challenge and feeling a little frustrated, but being part of Wake inspired me. My ambition is to be a physiotherapist and I know that if I work hard anything is possible."

Lokman's talent was also on show when he performed songs in Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic at an end-of-term performance for students which raised over £130 for the UK charity Bail for Immigration Detainees.

 Listen to the guys being interviewed about their performance ...

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Photo - Learners having fun at the end-of-term performance

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