Week 2 - what needs to be done?

This week, the class was excited as we were putting together our poster advertising the event.‚Äč We got into two groups and came up with two drafts. Our IT skills were truly tested! We were also able to put our persuasive techniques into practice, and we were glad we revised our apostrophes!

After some careful debate, within a class meeting, we put together a poster that after many attempts, we now feel very proud of! What do you think? Let us know!

Our other responsibilities involved writing numerous letters and emails asking for donations towards our tombola. To secure contributions towards our charity event, Sarah wrote to many different companies and organisations. Only some examples include Toys R Us, Smyths, Iceland, Asda, Sainsbury's, The Entertainer, Co-op, Poundshop and Tesco.

Sammy, spoke to her manager at BnM and persuaded them to donate prizes towards our tombola! Kelly has secured donations for our raffle! Kim wrote to the Birmingham Children's Hospital and the Heartland's Neonatal Unit to inform them about the charity event, and she asked for their event packs to contribute towards the day. We were all given our own role in the charity event.

Dion, Kim, Sammy, Kamila and Karina were elected to donate cakes. Jamilia is making jewelry, candles and samosas. Chantelle is also donating candles. Simon is taking care of finger foods and has been elected to handle the charity money. The group has also been given the task to make homemade Christmas cards with their families.

Next time you'll hear from us we'll be busy selling cakes, making sure everything goes well on the day and raising money for the foundation.

Make sure you come and support us!

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