Many parents have safely seen their children off to university over the years – but how many would then consider doing the same thing themselves? 

Well, former BAES learner Shamim has just done that, signing up for a four-year Sports and Exercise Science degree at Derby University.

Shamim had done small, intense personal training courses before but did not think she could take it any further. However, a meeting with BAES Advice and Guidance officer Mohammed changed her life.

" For the first time, I had someone who was able to inspire me and give me the information I needed to help me realise that I could fulfil my dreams".

Following her meeting with Mohammed she attended open days at Derby University. With a daughter studying Philosophy at Leeds, Shamim knew the demands involved in going to university; however, as she says:

"Once I am committed to something, nothing will stop me from achieving it ".

Shamim had been searching for her life goal for some time, doing courses at BAES on areas ranging from jewellery-making and childcare to photography. However, after the discussion with Mohammed she realised that she could combine her interest in  personal health, growth and development with her strong desire to support her local community - particularly women who feel unable or lack the confidence to access health and fitness opportunities.

"My BAES experience gave me a lot of confidence"

And Shamim doesn't feel intimidated by starting university later in life:

"I completed my Level 2 English course at Saltley this year, and as well as giving me a great qualification it was fantastic preparation for the demands of uni. For example, the Level 2 course involves being able to deliver a formal presentation. My tutor Wendy really encouraged me and the experience really helped me in the first weeks of degree course, giving me a lot of confidence that I might not otherwise have had."

Shamim is passionate about showing similar people in her position that they can achieve their goals, and she has exciting plans for her future business.

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