'Never Give Up' is the motto for Sparkhill computers student and budding designer-clothing entrepreneur Shaila.

Shaila is very much enjoying her computer course but knows what it is like to struggle, having failed to achieve L2 Functional Skills English at her first attempt. However, she eventually overcame her obstacles, particularly issues with spelling, thanks to her hard work and the tremendous support from her tutors, Sue and Mavis.

"If you're committed, BAES tutors will go above and beyond to help you ..."

"Sue was there every step of the way – she checked my work, gave valuable feedback, and helped me with wider research and other websites. She also told me about extra classes that BAES provide for support with dyslexia. If you're committed, BAES tutors will go above and beyond to help you."

After sailing through her Maths GCSE, Shaila now has two excellent qualifications under her belt, and is now studying a computers course at Sparkhill. She says: "Sparkhill is a great centre, the staff are so friendly and helpful. All students have new ID cards and that makes me feel more secure."

Shaila isn't sitting back - she now has her sights on setting up a new business in importing made-to-measure clothes from Pakistan. With family connections there and a business plan in place, she wants to be more confident in her IT skills before starting up, to help with typing, printing and designing leaflets.

"I want to develop my skills to help my family..."

Shaila's skills in English and Maths mean that she can support her children in their learning, so that they can then use their skills to help others.  "I also want to develop my computer skills for my teenage son. I feel like he knows so much about apps and gadgets and I want to be able to help him and make sure he is safe online."

For anyone struggling with their learning, Shaila's experience is a great example:

 "I've had setbacks but the support from tutors and the centre staff makes such a difference. I can't stress enough what a wonderful learning environment BAES provides. No matter what your background, or how much support you need, they will do everything they can to help you.

"I know it can be tough when you lack confidence to study or you are struggling with learning, but please don't give up - it could be an opportunity to change your life and achieve your dreams!"

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