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Maths – Level 2 Functional Skills

What will the course help me to do?

  • Improve your maths and problem solving skills in real life contexts
  • Develop your ability to understand and use maths effectively in your everyday life and work
  • Gain a Functional Skills qualification at Level 2

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use number, calculation, measuring, weighing and other maths skills to solve everyday and more unfamiliar problems
  • Choose which mathematical approaches will work best in the situation you are dealing with
  • Check your working at each stage
  • Explain your approaches to others
  • Develop the confidence to tackle a variety of maths problems in different situations

Who is the course for and what do I need to know to start the course?

Adults (16+) who would like to develop their maths skills for everyday life and work and gain a qualification.

Your maths skills and problem solving ability will be assessed before you join the course to make sure that the course is the right level for you. Your English skills will also be assessed at the start of the course and should be at least at Level 1 standard.

Will I gain a qualification?

You will work towards a qualification in Level 2 Functional Skills Maths. There is one written assessment which tests your maths and problem solving skills. You are expected to show and check your working out and explain your reasoning, but these are skills which are taught on the course. You will be given ample opportunity to practise for the formal exams, as well as the chance to complete course work to further develop your skills.

How will I learn?

A combination of individual work, group work, class discussions, ICT use and individual research sessions. You will have an Individual Learning Plan, which includes some course targets shared by the whole class and some targets which are personal to you. Your tutor will give you feedback on what you are doing well and what you need to do to improve.

How long is the course?

Courses start in September and either run once weekly with each session being 3 hours, or twice weekly with each session being 2 ½ hours.  You will also be expected to attend a 1:1 tutorial about once every 6 weeks, either before or after the lesson.

What could this course lead to?

  • GCSE Maths if you wish to gain a GCSE
  • A vocational course with BAES or at a college.
  • Employment.


You will be expected to attend every session and spend up to 2 hours a week completing homework. All learners will be entered for and expected to attend the examinations.

Re-imbursement of exam fees may be sought from learners who do not attend the exam.

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