See life through a different lens!

Learning a new language can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

You’ll learn new things about yourself, improve your job prospects, meet new people, and gain the confidence to travel to exciting places all over the world.

Great reasons to learn a new language

Embrace differences!
Unlock the door to a new language, open up not just to new words but to new cultures. Understand others and see the world with different eyes. 

Increase your health by keeping your mind agile!
Learning a second language boosts brain-power, problem-solving, critical-thinking, memory and listening skills.

Broaden your horizons and seek out new adventures
Imagine working, living and studying in a new city in a different country! Explore opportunities that only speaking another language can give.

Travelling is more fun!
Learning even a few simple phrases will really improve your travel experiences. Confidently engaging with locals will increase your awareness and appreciation of different places and help you to immerse yourself in different cultures. 

Boost your career!
Speaking a second language can increase your salary expectations and open up new business opportunities.

Why learn with us?

We aim to make learning enjoyable, stimulating and successful.

At Brasshouse Languages we understand that not everyone learns in the same way or is looking for the same classroom experience. That is why we are always looking at new ways to engage with our learners and provide a choice of course delivery.

New ways of learning – same Brasshouse Languages quality

If you are a beginner, we offer a choice of an immersive learning experience* where the tutor will speak mostly in the target language from the beginning, or a more traditional beginners course where English is more frequently used in teacher talk. An immersive course may at first feel like you’ve jumped in the deep end, but our experience is that learners quickly adapt to using only the target language and make more progress. This method of learning the language is closer to how you would learn it if you lived in the country where the language is spoken.

Lockdown also taught us that language learning could be interactive and successful when using online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, we do know that some people have relished returning to on-site learning as it helps them to focus better and they enjoy the feeling of being part of a supportive group. Whatever the language you wish to learn we will help you find the right way to be successful.

*Please note that beginners immersion courses will only be available for selected languages.

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